Dry-Drunk-Syndrome – unhappy sober alcoholics

Dry Drunk Syndrome” refers to behaviors of sober alcoholics that still correspond to those of drinkers. These include depression, anxiety and panic attacks, and inner emptiness.

Some “dry drunks” develop almost hostile behavior towards relatives and friends, are angry about the “compulsion to be dry” and envious of all those who do not struggle with alcohol addiction. A typical characteristic is also the strong self-centeredness of dry drunks. Many romanticize their time when they were still drinking and/or replace their alcohol addiction with another such as after sex, internet, or food.

The most famous Dry Drunk patient was Bill W., one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. He ended the problem for himself through a nutrient concept he developed with physician Abram Hoffer, but was unable to get it accepted by Alcoholics Anonymous. The concept centered on vitamin B3 (niacin).

More information: In the book “Bye bye, booze!” | On this website in the video section.

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