Send message | Computer

To send a message, you must first find the addressee. You have two options here:

Option one: you have seen the recipient of your message in the forum. Under his name you will find some icons, including a small mail envelope.

Option two: search for the member via the forum’s member search. To do this, click on “Members” in the black menu bar. Enter the displayed name (pseudonym). Under the then appearing name, click on the mail envelope icon.

Alternatively, you can also display a list of members via “Members” and select the desired addressee from it.

Now click on the “Mail envelope” icon.

Here you will then see a mini-menu, which are the three small bars on top of each other in the red circle. Click on it. A small box will appear. Here you can start the new conversation by clicking on the “+” sign
You can also view other conversations here. You can also add several participants to conversations.

Give the message a title (“Entertainment title”), enter the recipient(s) (“Conversation participants”) and your message’s text. You can also add attachments. By clicking on “Send” you then send the message. If you want, you can also format the text or add smileys – give it a try!

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