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Gaby Guzek, M.A.

Born 1967 in Berlin, Germany

Studied languages and politics in Germany and the USA.
Received a scholarship State University/Buffalo. Also teaching there.
Graduated 1992, M.A. (State University of New York at Buffalo).

While studying for her masters, she also completed internships at
„Bild“ (Germany’s largest newspaper),
private television stations,
Completed a one-year internship in the political editorial department of “Die Neue Ärztliche” (subsidiary of FAZ).
And worked in the political editorial office of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Freelance journalist for medicine and science.

In the 90s:
Substitute editor at the German Press Agency, Hamburg.
Regular author (together with Dr. Bernd Guzek) of medical and health articles for manager magazin, Hamburg (Spiegel Verlag).
Regular author (together with Dr. Bernd Guzek) of medical and health articles for the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper

Since 1991 working as a freelance journalist, PR specialist and publisher together with Bernd Guzek. Founding of own publishing company together with Dr. Bernd Guzek

Author of German bestseller about fungal infection of the gut

Management of various journals and books, including Zeitschrift für Umweltmedizin (Journal of Environmental Medicine), Ambulante Chirurgie (Outpatient Surgery)

Books among others: “Schach dem Herzinfarkt” (together with nutrient expert Dr. Gerhard Ohlenschläger), “Patient in Deutschland – verraten und verkauft” (Patient in Germany – betrayed and sold), as well as various ghost writings in the field of nutrient medicine.

In addition, two years as managing director of a professional medical association.

Management of own PR agency in the field of medicine/pharmaceuticals until 2004

One semester teaching public relations at the University of Hamburg

Responsible for marketing the online platforms “” and “” of our own Ärztenachrichtendienst Verlags AG

Oh, and three children with Bernd Guzek. Best of all.

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