Avatars: Why the file size limit?

It’s tempting: taking a photo with your cell phone, upload it – and you’re done.

Unfortunately, due to the (normally) large file size of the average photo taken by a phone (up to several megabytes!), our website would become really slow, and a chore to load.

Therefore, we ask you to limit the file size and have also limited the maximum file size to one megabyte. By the way, the forum software does not need such large amounts of data, 150×150 pixels and 100 kilobytes is completely sufficient.

If you are not familiar with how to do downsize a picture’s file size- no problem! There are a number of websites on the Internet, such as Skrink Pictures, where you can do it for free. Choose the picture, upload it, enter the desired dimensions, wait a moment … and you’re done!

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