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Help! I can not log in …

From our support practice, here are a few possibilities of what might be behind login issues:

After entering the password there is no login, another page is simply called.

Possible cause: The activation link in the mail sent to you immediately after registration was not clicked. Therefore, the account is not activated.
Frequency: Frequent.
Solution: Click on the link in the activation mail. If this does not work, contact support.

Login does not work. If I then go to new registration appears there the message that no second registration with this mail address is possible.

Possible cause: The activation link in the mail sent to you immediately after registration was not clicked. Therefore, the account is not activated, but your address is already in the system.
Frequency: Frequent.
Solution: Clicking the link in the activation mail will immediately solve the situation. If this does not work, contact support.

The system reports that the username or password is incorrect

Possible causes: 1. the system could be right. 2. something is interfering with the input. For example, an autocorrect function likes to cheat a space after a period in your mail address.
Frequency: Frequently.
Solution: to 1.: Check username (must be the email) and password. To 2.: Check, correct if necessary. If this does not work, contact support.

After entering the password, the wheel on the screen turns, but nothing happens

Possible causes: a) you are still logged in on a second device, or b) something got mixed up with the cookies.
Frequency: Medium.
Solution: a) log out on the second device. b) delete cookies. If you don’t know how to do that, here are instructions. If that doesn’t help, contact support.

I need to have a number sent to my mail before I can log in

Possible causes: Your password is weak or is traded on the Internet as cracked, so the system won’t let you in directly, but only in a roundabout way via two-factor authentication.
Frequency: Rare.
Workaround: Set a stronger password, or live with it. It is important to us that no accounts can be hijacked by hackers here, but this happens quickly with simple passwords

After entering your login data there is no login, the start page (or another page) appears stubbornly

Possible causes: Your login is using an IP address that was recently abused for a hacker attack.
Frequency: Rare, but does happen.
Solution: 1. Restart your router, if possible. This will usually give you a new IP address and fix the problem. If this does not help, please determine your IP address (for example here) and contact support.

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