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Alcoholism: A Molecular Perspective

This book contains selected papers from the NATO Advanced Study Institute (AS I) “The Molecular Pathology of Alcoholism,” held at the Hotel Il Ciocco in Tuscany from August 26 to September 6, 1990. Alcoholism remains one of the most difficult problems in medical care, with far-reaching medical, social, and economic consequences.

In the United States, for example, an estimated 18 million people have a serious alcohol problem, and the total cost of alcohol abuse to the economy is $117 billion. Treatment for alcohol dependence and other alcohol-related disorders accounts for nearly 15% of total health care costs in the United States.

Despite the magnitude of the medical problem, biomedical research on alcoholism remains something of a “Cinderella science.” Research funding from government and other agencies is relatively small, and the number of medical scientists working in this field remains small.

The organizing committee for this NATO ASI, including Charles Lieber (New York), Timothy Peters (London), Mario Dianzani (Turin), Emanuele Albano (Turin), and Norman Palmer (Perth, Director), was therefore particularly grateful to the NATO Scientific Affairs Division for its active support of this AS I, the first to address a topic related to alcohol abuse.

Book: Alcoholism: A Molecular Perspective

Found at Alkohol adé (german)

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