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You are looking for information about alcohol consumption. Maybe you drink too much yourself, or at least you’re afraid that you might? You would like to drink less or not at all anymore, but you can’t really do it? Are you already reproaching yourself bitterly?

Then I have news for you: If you can’t get your fingers off the glass, you don’t have a bad or weak character. 

I know what I’m talking about. I’m Gaby Guzek and I’ve been on the road out of alcohol myself. For years I pondered what it was that made me drink too much, despite a happy childhood, a successful career and a great family. You can find my story here.

Together with my husband, a science journalist and doctor, we spent four years reading the literature and digging through scientific databases. The result is the book “Bye, Bye, Booze!” and a free and anonymous forum (register free and anonymously here).

The result in a nutshell: Science has long known that biological disorders in the brain are behind addiction. Interestingly, it apparently primarily affects people who achieve more than most others, i.e. the so-called over achievers.

Nevertheless, the fairy tale that alcoholics only lack the will if they can’t stop cannot be killed. This can be heard in self-help groups or in sinfully expensive online help offers. But it is the neurotoxin alcohol that destroys the body’s metabolism and at the same time makes more and more demands on it.

These metabolic disorders are the main reason why you can’t stop drinking – a diffuse “unstable psyche” as an explanation for alcohol abuse has long since had its day.

Bye, bye, booze is based on current addiction research – and explains the state of the science to those affected. Because if you understand the real reason for your difficulties, you can tackle them in a much more targeted way.

In our book, we also explain the important role nutrients play in metabolism and how they helped me quit alcohol. It was completely undramatic for me to stop drinking. 

Even if this concept was developed only for me, many have copied it in the meantime, you can find reports about it in the forum, my personal intake scheme here.

In addition to the book, we developed a multimedia coaching program for the crucial first 30 days without alcohol (here you can see in special footage how the brain recovers without alcohol). Unlike other, much more expensive online programs, its development was accompanied by a doctor. Many people have already successfully quit (just ask in the forum). Important: The coaching program is a excellent option, but not a must to use the forum.

If you want to say goodbye to alcohol with our method, we definitely recommend the book and the free, anonymous forum in combination. They complement each other perfectly.

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