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Alcoholism: the disease of over achievers

"Alcoholics? Those are the slumped figures in front of the main station". This sentence has always been completely wrong. Most alcoholics are intelligent, have a good to very good income and an upper social status. This is what it says ...
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Frequent and serious: Vitamin C deficiency in alcohol dependency

Vitamin C deficiency is a common, unfortunately mostly unrecognised problem among problem drinkers. Only one in three alcoholics has sufficient vitamin levels during withdrawal, French doctors found out. They investigated how common vitamin C deficiency is in people who stop ...
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Just like alcohol abuse: anxiety and panic disorders are physical illnesses

For a long time now, I have been tempted to take a look at the bigger picture when it comes to anxiety and panic attacks. For our book research on „Bye bye booze!" we also stumbled across an incredible amount ...
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Horror trip alcoholic delirium: ghost cats and grimaces in the mirror. A victim tells his story.

Women walk through walls, felt-tip pens dance, grimaces grin from the mirror. In alcohol delirium, sufferers see bizarre things - and think they are real at that moment. A sufferer tells his story. "At 11.30pm the film started. There was ...
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“You just wanted to booze” – I’m so sick of it!

Alcoholics are supposed to want to drink. If they can't stop, they just lack the will. At least, that's what they say. From a medical and biological point of view, however, this is gross nonsense. It's as nonsensical as telling ...
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