Effect of diazepam and nicotinamide on seizure activity

Russian researchers conducted experiments in mice to investigate the anticonvulsant (anti-convulsant) effects of diazepam and its combination with nicotinamide in artificially induced convulsive seizures induced by corazole, picrotoxin, bicuculline, and thiosemicarbazide.

According to their data, they showed that diazepam (0.2-1.6 mg/kg) produced a dose-dependent anticonvulsant effect in all models studied. Nicotinamide (250 mg/kg) significantly reduced lethality and picrotoxin-induced seizure manifestations in the animals and completely protected some of the animals from bicuculline-induced seizures.

Nicotinamide (250 mg/kg) potentiated the anticonvulsant effect of diazepam in all experimental seizures studied. Nicotinamide had a more pronounced effect in protecting animals from tonic seizures compared with clonic seizures.

In their opinion, the data suggest that the mechanisms of the anticonvulsant effect of nicotinamide are mediated via the GABA-benzodiazepine receptor complex.

Effect of Diazepam and Nicotinamide on Convulsive Activity of Various Types.

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