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Just like alcohol abuse: anxiety and panic disorders are physical illnesses

For a long time now, I have been tempted to take a look at the bigger picture when it comes to anxiety and panic attacks. For our book research on „Bye bye booze!” we also stumbled across an incredible amount of material on anxiety and panic disorders.

I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb when I say that, just like alcohol abuse, anxiety and panic disorders are physical illnesses, disturbances in the body’s own biochemistry. Today I would like to present a few things that I have come across in the course of my research. Some conclusions are speculative, but not far-fetched.

For example, for many sufferers, anxiety seems to be related to the gut flora. Stop, don’t laugh. This is already part of scientific studies that have brought very clear results to light. The largest scientific database in the world, “pubmed”, already has 7225 entries on this. Even on a molecular biological level, the connection can be explained today. Without going into detail now, and therefore briefly: An unfavourable intestinal flora produces chemical stress signals, which are then directly transmitted to the brain via the vagus nerve. This is how heart rhythm disorders, racing pulse etc. occur. And yes: there have already been studies in which depression or anxiety and panic disorders were treated with antibiotics. Successful.

Has anyone heard anything about it? No.

I read two very large Facebook groups on anxiety and panic disorders out of interest. One thing stands out: Almost all of those affected report digestive problems, diarrhoea, abdominal pain. All of them were told: “It comes from the psyche”, so the complaints were secondary to the “psychological problem”. I could go crazy every time I read that.

Poor intestinal flora (experts call it “dysbiosis“) is also a major risk for nutrient deficiencies. The same applies here as with alcoholics: nutrient deficiencies make the situation even worse.

People with dysbiosis also very often develop histamine intolerance. Once you’ve eaten something wrong, your pulse goes up, your head flickers – it can even lead to a panic attack.

“It’s all psychological.” Yes, of course.

I feel infinitely sorry for those affected. Those who abuse alcohol at least usually know what he or she would have to change – these people often don’t have a clue. Many of them can no longer lead a normal life out of sheer fear, can’t manage to leave the flat. “It’s all psyche.” They are permanent subscribers to psychologists and psychiatrists, are not infrequently treated with one or even several drugs.

Nobody, nobody gives these poor people a key. The key to understanding your illness, where it really comes from – and what they could do about it.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

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