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Dr. med. Bernd Guzek, MD, PhD

Born 1955

Registered nurse. Worked in several emergency rooms, most recently deputy nursing director.

Self-financed medical school from 1982, University of Hamburg. At the same time, work in clinics, teaching at a school for occupational therapy.

After completing his final degree, he trained as a journalist at the “Neue Ärztliche” (FAZ), where he was most recently deputy head of the medical editorial department. Subsequently internship, license to practice medicine. Doctorate in 1992 in opthalmology for cataract surgery.

Freelance journalist for medicine and science.

In the 90s:
Substitute editor for the German Press Agency, Hamburg.
Frequent author (together with Gaby Guzek) of medical and health articles for manager magazin, Hamburg (Spiegel Verlag).
Author (together with Gaby Guzek) of medical and health articles for the Berliner Morgenpost.

In addition to ghostwriting projects, co-authorship and collaboration on, among others:

Kurzlehrbuch Augenheilkunde (Textbook ophthalmology for students)
Mensch, Körper, Krankheit (Book on anatomy and physiology)
Mykosen des Verdauungstraktes (Textbook on mycoses of the digestive tract)
Kompendium Umweltmedizin (Textbook on environmental medicine)

From 2000 to 2012, founder / editor-in-chief / publisher of Ärztenachrichtendienst Verlags AG, a health policy information portal for physicians.
Founder of the patient magazine “Durchblick Gesundheit”.

As a musician in 1980 prizewinner of the German Phonoakademie.

The best for the end: Three children with Gaby Guzek.

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