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Hints for the ebook

Here we have collected some tips if you have not yet installed an eBook yourself on your respective electronic reading device.

You have three formats to choose from for the book “Bye bye booze”:

  • MOBI (e.g. for Amazon Kindle)
  • EPUB (e.g. for Mac/iOS and others)
  • PDF (can be read by most devices, but has occasional weaknesses in rendering).

eBook on Amazon Kindle #

Amazon’s Kindle can read both MOBI format and PDF, among others.

  • If you have a file in one of these formats, all you need to do is copy it to the Documents folder on the Kindle using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder via the USB cable. The folder is located in the root directory of the Kindle.
  • properly disconnect the Kindle from your computer. After that, the file will appear in the table of contents. Enjoy reading!

An alternative method is to mail the file to Kindle. This is how it works:

  • Your Kindle must be registered with Amazon, otherwise it will not work.
  • When registering you will receive / received a mail address for your Kindle, to this address the book file must be sent.
  • BUT … sending only works from an approved address. To prevent spam, Amazon says, your devices will only receive documents from mail addresses that you have pre-approved. But this process is well explained in Amazons help section.
  • After that, you can read the documents on your Kindle, which incidentally also works with a whole range of other file formats.

Other devices #

For other devices such as tablets or PCs, there are a number of free ebook readers, each with its own procedures for uploading:

  • an overview for Windows can be found here, for example.
  • an overview for Mac / iOS can be found here
  • an overview for Android can be found here

With the free program Calibre you can manage both on Windows and Apple, that is, convert, upload or even read directly in Calibre.

Mac: Move book file from laptop to iPad #

If the book file arrived in your mail program on the stationary computer or laptop, so please use Airdrop:

  • Open Airdrop on the Mac
  • put the iPad or iphone next to it
  • wait until you see the icon of your iPad or iPhone
  • drag the program file to the icon of your iPad or iPhone
  • follow the instructions on the screen of your iPad or iPhone

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