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Liver regeneration with L-glutamine supplementation diet

36 male rats were divided into two groups: Glutamine group and control group. Each group was divided into three subgroups, with death occurring at 24h, 72h and seven days. The glutamine group received water and a standard diet supplemented with L-glutamine, and the control group received 0.9% saline.

Liver recovery by weight gain occurred in both groups. Gamma-GT increased significantly in the control group (p < 0.05); albumin increased in the glutamine group. The other indicators of liver function showed no significant differences. Histological analysis at 72h showed a higher number of mitoses in the glutamine group, with no differences in other subgroups.

Conclusion of the scientists: Dietary supplementation with L-glutamine is beneficial for liver regeneration.

Rev Col Bras Cir.: Liver regeneration with l-glutamine supplemented diet: experimental study in rats

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