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Gaby’s coaching: Stop boozing an easier way

One word in advance: No matter what you are promised or how much money you are charged: No coaching program in this world will get you out of alcohol by itself if you have not made the decision yourself that you have had enough of drinking all the time. You need to know that. 

So: Is it enough for you? Are you ready to give up the bottle?

Yes? That’s good. 

Then our coaching program is just right for you. For 30 days you will get daily help to get through the first four weeks. 

Why 30 days? The first month is critical – and here you can see why.

This is what our brain looks like in the first month without alcohol. In the first line: Day 0. Line 2: After 15 days, activity is already slowly returning. Line 3: End of the month, largely normal brain activity again…. 

The pictures make it clear why the first 30 days of quitting are so difficult. The funny thing is that a glass of alcohol would immediately set off fireworks again in the drowsy brain, because the alcohol seems to bring back brain activity as if at the push of a button. 

That’s exactly where our multi-media program – which has never existed in this form before – comes in.

I myself slipped into alcohol due to professional and private overload. My exit was accompanied and supported by a nutrient concept that I developed together with my husband. He is a doctor and science journalist. The concept is based on the current research literature on alcohol addiction, which has long since moved away from alcoholism being pure weakness of will. These experiences have also been incorporated into our coaching program “Alcohol adé.”

Goal of the program: We make you an expert for yourself. After all, you are used to making your own decisions and taking your own actions – based on knowledge and facts. For 30 days, you will receive a new multimedia program online every day that will support you in quitting alcohol and make you an expert on yourself so that you can manage permanently without alcohol. This includes:

  • a daily podcast on the topic
  • a daily text with information and instructions, selected according to the respective stage of your withdrawal from alcohol
  • a task of the day
  • Gaby Guzek presents her personal “nutrient of the day
  • a “video of the day”. New programs, films, etc. on the topic are presented daily

If you have become an expert on yourself, you hold the key to life without alcohol. It is something completely different when you realize: It is not an ominous psyche that animates you to drink again and again. It is biochemical processes in the body that can be corrected and controlled.

You will find the medical knowledge in our book, which is easy to read and understand. It is the knowledge base of the program. You should have read this book – without the book the coaching program makes no sense, it builds on it.

The program costs a one-time fee of 78 Euro. You set the start date yourself, the program will be activated manually for you. Please plan at least 1-3 days before the program start, where you still have to make preparations that are already part of the program.

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