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Addiction clinics: a mega-billion business

In seven years, clinics for addictive disorders and psychiatry will have a worldwide turnover of 36.1 billion US dollars. This is the forecast of the renowned economic experts from Global Industry Analysts in California. For comparison: this sum corresponds almost exactly to Amazon’s annual turnover.

Like Jeff Bezos’ cash cow, the addict and mentally ill business is a real growth market. This year it is estimated at “only” 27.1 billion US dollars. This means the industry is growing by a whopping four percent. Which industry can boast that in times of crisis?

Almost a quarter of the cake is allotted to the treatment of alcoholism – at the end of 2027 it will be 11.6 billion US dollars worldwide. The economic gurus have also priced in the consequences of Corona: they have once again revised the growth upwards – after all, people are drinking much more since the pandemic became rampant.

Overall, the USA is the largest market of all countries. In 2020, it was almost 30 percent. China, however, will catch up strongly, the experts predict: they see the market with addiction and psychiatry growing there by almost seven percent.

Among the European countries, Germany stands out: a desirable three percent growth can be expected here, the authors of the study predict.

Source: ReportLinker, Global Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals Industry

Image by Gerd Altmann / Pixabay

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