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Meet your personal coaches:
Gaby Guzek, herself a former alcoholic, author of “Bye bye booze!”
Bernd Guzek, M.D., author of “Bye bye booze!

Bye bye booze! Be free again. #

You have already realized that alcohol is not good for you. And that you don’t want to drink it anymore.

Congratulations! You have taken the first big step.

However, it’s not quite that simple – you probably already know that. Because there’s more to it than just living your everyday life minus the beer or wine.

We will coach you on how to get out. With a program that has never existed before. It was developed by Bernd Guzek, M.D., and Gaby Guzek – herself a former alcohol addict. Our approach: We make you an expert of yourself. After all, you are already used to making your own decisions and taking your own actions – based on knowledge, facts and your awareness of your own body.

We will explain to you what exactly the medical reason is behind the problem that causes you to come back to the booze again and again. Our program is based on the latest findings of modern addiction medicine. Today, modern addiction medicine knows very well that alcohol abuse is not caused by a “weak-minded state of being” , but by understandable metabolic mechanisms in our bodies. We are talking about our brain chemistry, the so-called neurotransmitters. But almost no one explains this to those affected.

We don’t look for any kind of “guilt” or weakness of the mind #

We have made the experience: Once you have understood this, you have the key to a life without alcohol in your hand. Because you can work with it. It’s something completely different once you understand: It’s not an ominous psyche that keeps driving you to drink. It’s biochemical processes in the body, which can also be repaired again. But that doesn’t mean that psychology is neglected in coaching – It’s just that only our approach is different, we don’t look for any kind of “guilt” or a “weak spirit”.

You will find the medical knowledge- plenty, and easily readable- in our book. It is the knowledge base of the program. You should read this book first – without the book , the coaching makes no sense and in many cases the book alone has been enough to get away from alcohol, even without personal coaching.

Once you are newly equipped with the necessary tools, you can start your alcohol-free daily routine. The first 30 days still have to be mastered – and that, too, has a lot to do with brain chemistry. Nevertheless, they have to be mastered. We will help you to do so.

Become an expert by yourself! #

That’s why we offer you our 30-day multimedia intensive program for the first month. Every day you will receive a notification with a podcast, everyday tips, small tasks, references to exciting films or documentaries relevant to the topic. The purpose: to give you something to think about in a pleasant way without pointing fingers and to give you the tools to become an expert by yourself.

Yes, dealing with the subject of alcohol is important. But we are not the ones telling you what to do. We are at eye level with you. We listen to you, we stimulate your thoughts and get you to act. But we also support you when you’re in a slump.

Another cornerstone of our concept: helping the body to help itself. The run-down metabolism can be supported. Gaby Guzek used the nutrient concept we developed together. Today, she states that “I felt like it made it very easy for me to quit”

Forum members also report about the positive effects of nutrients. In the Coaching Forum Gaby Guzek writes about her experiences and the scientific findings.

The goal: We want you to be just as fit, balanced and productive as you were before you began to drink too much. #

Of course, questions will come up, especially at the beginning. We are here for that, too. Ask us in the special Bye bye booze forum. Ask whatever you want – and get additional tips from others in the forum. A community makes you stronger, you will notice that. Not being alone, but seeing that others have been and are going through the same thing is enormously supportive.

Once the first month is over, a milestone lies behind you. But even then, our offer to you does not end. We and the Forum will continue to accompany you.

Again, no one is forced to write – but you are welcome to get help and advice. Also the exchange with other affected people in the forum brings you forward.

In summary: What we offer … #

In the critical first 30 days, we offer a daily coaching consisting of …

  • a daily new podcast
  • a daily task
  • a background article on the topic of nutrients
  • a video tip of the day (selected documentaries, feature films, interviews)

In addition, the guarantee that we are personally available to you in our forum. Here you can ask us directly and we will answer. Even after the critical first 30 days, we and the forum remain at your service.

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